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Smile Avenue Family Dentistry of Cypress


Below is a mini social media and internet audit for Smile Avenue Family Dentistry of Cypress, a dental office located at 9212 Fry Rd #120, Cypress, TX 77433, USA. In this online presence audit, we will evaluate your overall online presence starting from Google, Yelp, and social media platforms. We will also analyze your website, spot out what is to be encouraged about your online presence and what needs to be improved. Finally, to help you improve your online presence, we will provide a recommendation list which if followed to the letter can help you scale high.

General Online Presence:

1. Any presence on Google? Yes!

You have a good business profile on Google. In a Google search, we have easy access to all your business profiles on social media networks and to your website.

2. Any social media presence? Yes!

Smile Avenue Family Dentistry of Cypress is active both on Facebook and Instagram as Smile Avenue Family Dentistry and smileavenuefamilydentistry respectively.

Your Facebook and Instagram pages are all professional. You post really attractive videos and images, only you’re not consistent in posting and you have very few reactions to your posts. The few comments you have on Instagram you do not reply to them and on Facebook, you do not share your posts.

You need to keep your social media busine