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Madina African Hair Braiding

Updated: May 20


Below is a mini social media and internet audit for Madina African Hair Braiding, a hair braiding salon located at 176 E 101st St, New York, NY 10029, USA. In this social media and internet audit, we will analyze your presence on social networking sites and social media platforms. After presenting the state of your online presence; what needs to be encouraged and what you need to improve, we will provide a recommendation list to help you make the most out of your online presence.

General Online Presence:

1. Any presence on Google? Yes!

Madina African Hair Braiding has a good business profile on Google. In a google search, we have easy access to your business profile on Google and other social networking sites.

2. Any social media presence? Yes!

Madina African Hair Braiding is active only on Instagram as @madina_hairbraiding

Your instagram page is dormant since May 2018, you have very few followers and you miss other important information in your description. When you were still active on your page you were posting inconsistently and you had very few reactions to your posts.

Did you know with a well rounded business profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, you can have a lot of clients? The goal of running multiple social media platforms is to make your braiding salon popular. The more people know about you, the more potential clients you get, especially when you do a great job.

As such you need to be active on those pages more often; people should not forget about you. You have to be posting attractive content (beautiful images and videos of your work and other attractive content you think your followers might be interested in) on a daily basis during rush hours.

Also, invite more people to follow you and try to increase interactions on your page. Engage with other profiles so they can return the favor; like and comment on other users' content and they will do the same.

3. Any Website? Yes!

You do have a website which contains a gallery, shows the services you offer, has all your contact information, shows your exact location, and enables visitors to book directly from it but we think you deserve a more professional website. A one page website like the one you have does not allow you to exploit it to the fullest and add more interesting stuff. The design is not quite appealing, when you build a website you do it in such a way that when users visit your website, they just want to stay.

4. Claimed on Google? No!

To claim your business on Google, click here.

5. Claimed on Yelp? Yes!

Claimed on Yelp.

6. Review monitoring:

- On Google, you have a 4.7 star rating with 447 reviews.

- On Yelp, you have a 4.0 star rating with 41 reviews.

You have both negative and positive reviews about your salon on Google and Yelp and you replied to both positive and negative reviews on Google though not to all of them. Unfortunately on Yelp, we did not see any reply. It’s important you find some time to reply to all your reviews as soon as you get them, be it positive or negative. It instills trust in your customers and keeps them close. Even those who had a bad experience may decide to remain loyal to your business simply because of the way you addressed their issue.

7. Current brand image?

- One pager website.

- No business profile on Facebook.

- Positive and negative reviews about the services.

- Dormant Instagram page.

- Infrequent posting and very few reactions to posts.

8. Are social media posts congruent? No!

Images and videos posted are not of good quality. Some are blurry.

9. Most valuable immediate actions:

- Improve your website.

- Create business profiles on other popular social media platforms.

- Post professional pictures, videos and graphics to make your content more attractive.

- Post frequently on your social media business profiles.

- Invite more people to follow you on Instagram.

- Reply to all your reviews both positive and negative.

- Claim your business on Google.


We’ve come to the end of your online presence audit. In a bid to help you improve your current online presence, we’ve provided the above valuable immediate actions to get you started. Hoping that the above was helpful, we do have some advanced techniques we share with our partners that helps them scale from no online presence to 20+ Booking per month. We would be more than happy to set up your system so you can scale rapidly. To learn more, Call Us: +1817-704-8774.

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