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Janeile's hair Braiding

Updated: May 20


Below is an online presence audit for Janeile's hair Braiding, a hair braiding salon located at 1702 1st St E H, Humble, TX 77338, USA. In this mini social media audit, we will assess your online presence going from Google to social media networks you are present on. After evaluating your presence online, we will point out what is still lacking, then provide a recommendation list to help you improve your online presence and make the most out of it.

General Online Presence:

1. Any presence on Google? Yes!

Janeile's hair Braiding can easily be found on Google.

2. Any social media presence? Yes!

Janeile's hair Braiding is active on Instagram as janeilehairbraiding_official.

You post very inconsistently; since 2020 when your page was created you only have 27 posts. We can observe that reactions to your post decrease with time, this is due to your inconsistency in posting.

You’re not active on social media as you are supposed to. We wonder what your instagram profile is for since your last post there dates November 2022. You can gain a lot from an active presence on social media platforms, besides its one of the most important elements when we talk of online presence.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can generate so many leads when you use them well.

Create business accounts on the above platforms and post your work on a daily basis at peak hours. Make your pages active and engaging; invite people to follow you, post attractive content, interact with your followers and other users, share your posts for a wider reach. This will help you build a community, get more clients and so on.

3. Any Website? No!

You're missing another important element of your online presence. Build a professional website for your hair braiding salon. Most small businesses today have websites because aside from generating more leads, it also gives credibility to your business.

Get a good website prototype link click here.

4. Claimed on Google? No!

To claim your business on Google, click here.

5. Claimed on yelp?

No business profile on Yelp.

6. Review monitoring:

- On Google you have a 3.9 star rating with 18 reviews.

You have both negative and positive feedback from your clients and you’ve not replied to any of them. Replying to all your reviews thanking those who left positive feedback and apologizing to those who had bad experiences with you and promising to improve can help keep your customers closer to you even those who were disappointed.

7. Current brand image?

- No business website.

- Not present enough on social media.

- No profile on Yelp.

- Dorman Instagram page.

- Both positive and negative feedback from clients.

8. Are social media posts congruent? Yes!

Images and videos posted on Instagram are appealing though they are not posted often.

9. Most valuable immediate actions:

- Build a professional website for your hair salon.

- Build a business profile on Yelp.

- Build professional pages on other social media platforms cited above.

- Post regularly on your social media business profiles.

- Invite more people to write honest reviews about your business and reply to them.


Here’s the end of your online presence audit, Janeile's hair Braiding. From this online presence evaluation you can agree with us that your online presence is not yet developed. The recommendation list above can help you improve your current online presence. Hoping that this mini social media audit was helpful, we do have some advanced techniques we share with our partners that helps them scale from no online presence to 20+ Booking per month. We would be more than happy to set up your system so you can scale rapidly. To learn more, Call Us: +1817-704-8774

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