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Beauty Braids House

Updated: May 20, 2023


Here’s a mini social media and internet audit for your beauty institute, Beauty Braids House, located at 3103 FM 1960 Suite G, Humble, TX 77338, USA. In this social media and internet audit, we will evaluate your online presence; That is how present you are on social media networks and how you use the internet to brand your institute. After presenting the state of your online presence, what needs to be encouraged and what you need to improve, we will provide a recommendation list to help you make the most out of your online presence.

General Online Presence:

1. Any presence on Google? Yes!

Beauty Braids House can easily be found in a Google search. All your other social media network profiles can also be easily accessible via Google.

2. Any social media presence? Yes!

Beauty Braids House has a profile on Facebook and Instagram.

Needs Attention:

Your Facebook page has been empty since its date of creation. If you have a more current account on Facebook update that on your Google profile for proper reference.

Your Instagram page lacks some important information in the description. You only have 15 posts since 2015 when you created your instagram page. The pictures posted are not appealing, they are blurry and you have very few reactions to your posts.

3. Any Website? No!

You’re missing all the advantages a website can bring to a beauty institute like yours. As a small business owner, you need a website for credibility; people are more attracted to businesses that have websites compared to those that do not. Also, did you know not only website building cost be wrotte off in your taxes, it’s required by some banks to seriously consider your business for some loans when you need to expand.

Owning a website is one of the most important aspects of an online presence. That’s how search engines consider you legit too and increase the traffic you receive. With a website, people can know the story behind your institute, they can have access to your work, all your contact information, all the services you provide and more importantly how they can book your services or buy your products immediately in a single click.

Get a good website prototype link click here.

4. Claimed on Google? No!

You’ve not yet claimed your business on Google. To claim your business on Google, click here.

5. Claimed on Yelp? Yes!

6. Review monitoring:

- On Google, you have a 4.1 star rating with 80 reviews.

- Your Facebook page is not yet rated and you have 03 reviews.

- On Yelp you have a 3 star rating with 2 reviews and 6 others which are not recommended.

You have both negative and positive reviews about your salon and you’ve not replied to all of them. It’s important you reply to all your reviews, be it positive or negative. It helps keep your customers closer.

7. Current brand image?

- No website.

- Both positive and negative reviews about the beauty institute.

- Facebook page not active since the date of creation.

- Very few reactions to posts on Instagram.

- Infrequent posting.

8. Are social media posts congruent? No!

Blurry images, content not quite attractive.

9. Most valuable immediate actions:

- Build a professional website for your beauty institute.

- Be active on your social media platforms, and post on a daily basis during rush hours.

- Claim your business on Google.

- Post professional-like pictures and videos to make your content more attractive.

- Invite more people to follow you on social media.

- Reply to all your reviews both positive and negative.

- Invite your clients to rate your page and write honest reviews about your salon.


We’ve come to the end of your online presence audit. In a bid to help you improve your online presence, and get more customers, we’ve provided the above valuable immediate actions where you have some quick recommendations to get you started. Hoping that the above was helpful, we do have some advanced techniques we share with our partners that helps them scale from no online presence to 20+ Booking per month. We would be more than happy to set up your system so you can scale rapidly. To learn more, Call Us: +1817-704-8774.

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