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What You Need To Consider Before Choosing A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Whether you are getting started with your business or you are looking forward to expand your online presence, you should carefully choose the social media platform you will use. While being busy running your business, you want to narrow down your choice to select a few platforms among the multitude of platforms that exist out there. With over 60 social media platforms which entrepreneurs can use to advertise their products and services, they do not often know what to take into consideration before choosing the right platform for their business. To choose the best social media platforms for your business, take the following into consideration.

First, you need to know your customers before choosing a social media platform. Find out the demographics of those who are part of your customers. Are they old or young, male or female, what’s their educational level? what is their income? Find out what interests them aside your products or services. This helps you build your customers’ profile hence understanding them better. It’s part of what we do at More customers and peace to ensure great online presence.

Try to know where you can find your customers, where they spend time online. You want to be specific when identifying your customers. Don’t go in for platforms which have more active users if your customers are not active on those platforms. You need to be where your customers are; if your customers are active on Facebook, choose Facebook. If your customers are active on twitter, go in for twitter. If you are into B2B, use LinkedIn to generate leads.

Second, consider your social media marketing goals. Selection of your social media platform is based on the reason you want to be on social media. Are you using it for leads generation? Are you using it for Brand awareness? Are you using it for customers relationships management? In any case, these questions help you design your social media presence strategy.

Now, If you just want to share content consistently with your customers and make them engaged, there are several platforms which you can use depending on what you share. Consider a presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest if these are suitable for your business. We can say for example buying ads on Facebook is a lot cheaper than buying on google and you have direct access to leads. Reach out to us if you need helps with ads targeting.

Third, a better understanding of your business products and services would help a lot. Is your company B2B or B2C? Is your company designed to offer products, services or both ? What is your brand personality? Small B2C for example can benefit from Instagram and Facebook to gain visibility, visual engagement, and they can interact with customers. On the other hand, if you are competing for small contracts, you may want to go to meet ups and generate leads using LinkedIn as we mentioned before. What are the top competitors in your business doing? When you understand that, traffic is easy, you will just have to deliver on your products and services with consistency and great customer relationship management.

In addition, take your available resources into consideration. To have a social media online presence takes a team these days, it is not as easy as you see your favourite stars. You need to keep it running daily and be consistent in your publications to keep your customers' engagement. Constantly tweaking your approach to ensure engagement doesn’t die off requires a close constant monitoring of your platforms data. It has become more of a science than luck. Business owner, are busy running their business and don’t have much time to keep up with all their platforms. Especially when they are just getting started and have to do everything by themselves. Have in mind that managing your social media platforms can take a lot of time because you need to keep it trending, generate leads, get feedbacks and build a movement around your product. As such, before you choose a social media platform, check if you have the time and resources to run it.

After you have taken all the above into consideration, also consider the ease to use. If you are doing it on your own, you might want to start with Facebook and Instagram for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B. Best of Luck, and if you need assistance just give us a call at 818-797-7523 and we will ensure to see how we can assist. You can also find more information about our services here

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