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Tips For Creating Better Posts To Drive Traffic And Customers' Attention

The Competition for your audience’s time and attention can be fierce making it harder to generate engagement with your social media posts. The secret to creating posts that drive attention lies on sharing content that your customers want to see. When investing your time, efforts, and money into posting on your social media business pages, your main aim is to get a good return on your investment. Posting without a social media strategy waists all your efforts. By applying these social media content writing tips, you can make your post more appealing by creating content that speaks to your target audience and inspire them to take action. Below are quick tips you can use to make your posts drive your customers' attention.

Make your posts highly relevant to your customers. If you want your customers to notice and engage with your publications, you should carryout research and understand them. Knowing everything about your audience (demographics), and the needs they have will enable you post relevant content. Understand the various challenges they go through with your business and provide content that addresses their worries and provide solutions. Share content that will make your customers connect with you on a personal note. For example, if you own a hair braiding salon, share stories of your satisfied customers. Others will look at it and imagine themselves in your salon being satisfied with your services.

You need to post at the prime time for each social media platform. Small businesses who run business pages on more than one social media platform should vary the time at which they post. Whenever you post on social media, only a fraction of your followers will be able to see your post. This is because your reach depends on the level of activities in your community at the time you publish. Twitter for example is busy all day. Hence you can have your customers react on your posts immediately. On other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn you can get your audience active more in the afternoon and in the evening.

Use videos, photos, graphics, and GIFs where possible to retain your audience's attention. Visual content is usually easy to digest and can drive traffic to the post. Visual content can often stand alone on a post and accurately convey the information to your customers. Videos in particular drive more engagement and shares. Most platforms have live video features which enable small businesses to present themselves, their products or services to their customers in their authentic selves. Go in for these live videos instead of slick marketing videos to present your products or services.

Make use of the language your ideal customers use in your publications. Addressing the needs and challenges of your customers in the language they use will make them understand you really value and understand them. In your research, go further to understand the language your audience use and use this same language for your publications. This is a sure way to attract your audience’s attention and make them engage with all your posts.

Although you have to write content for your audience in the language they best understand, don’t forget to include your own brand voice. Your brand voice has to do with the personality and emotion infused into your marketing activities on social media. The brand voice is influenced by your business personality and the language your customers use. It has to be consistent throughout the content you provide for your customers to effectively attract their attention.

Keep whatever information you want to publish short and simple to understand. Users value their time and most often are not interested in long text publications. If you want your customers to give you attention online, you need to show them that you value their time. Make your content easy to read and easily digested by using simple language that everyone can understand. Write short sentences and use 3 to 4 sentences for each paragraph.

Adding a call to action at the end of your publications also draws your customers' attention. By including a call to action at the end of each post, you give an insight to your customers on what you expect them to do next after reading your post. Without a CTA, your audience is likely to go straight to the next feed without taking any action on your post even if they derived value from the content. You may decide to ask them questions which they can answer in the comment section, direct them to your other social media platforms and website, and ask them to like, comment, and share your posts.

You want to attract your customers to read each of your posts and make them exited to read each time they see one of your publications? Follow the tips above and click here for more information.

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