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Some Important Features Every Small Business Website Needs

All successful small businesses have great websites which attract many visitors. You want to make your website professional and attractive as well. This will make you distinguish yourself from all those unprofessional websites that exist on the web. While design trends come and go, there are many other features aside your website’s look that can make it user-friendly and motivate visitors to buy from you. Below are a few things that every small business website should always have. Whether you are a startup or an established business, the following will effectively help you in your business venture.

Your business website should clearly give insight into what your business is all about. As the business owner you know the purpose of your website, but is that the case for your visitors? When a visitor lands on your website, he should be able to get all necessary information about your business. On the homepage of your business site, clearly indicate your name and present your various products/services. You want all your visitors to stay on your site, as such make available all the information they need on the homepage.

Include your contact information on your home page and other pages of your website as well. Not all visitors have time to be clicking on links and search for ways to contact you. So you want to make it easy for them to get in touch with you. You can include several ways for your visitors to contact you; business contact, e-mail, standard contact, your address and many others.

You need a strong professional branding for your business website. Everything that represents your small business should be consistent (from your brand to the colours you choose). Make your domain name simple and easy to remember for your customers whenever they have to type it on a browser. You should not make things difficult for your potential customers. Your logo should be professional. Preferably designed by a professional graphic designer (we can help you out with that). Think well before you choose the colours, typography, and the graphics on your site. It should be a reflection of your brand.

Make navigation for your website simple to easily guide visitors throughout when they come to your site. You want to make it easy for your visitors to find whatever they are looking for or what you want them to see. It is very important if you want them to keep coming to your site. Your navigation should be simple and spontaneous in both the design and the way the pages are organized.

Use strong calls to actions to tell your visitors what you want them to do and if possible what they get out of carrying out those actions. Placing CTAs in your content is another way for you to increase conversions. Your CTAs should attract visitors’ attention at first sight, you can decide to highlight it or use special buttons. For example, you can ask them to shop now if you own an online shop, you can ask them to call you or even subscribe to your newsletter.

Include a great mobile experience for visitors who are mobile device inclined. Make it possible for all visitors whether they use phones or computers to access your website. You would not want to lose your visitors because your site does not load quickly or because the users experience is not good. Make sure that the web design agency you choose creates a responsive website for you. We can help you create a responsive website which will be accessible on any mobile smart device as it would perform on a computer.

Provide a compelling and original content. A website without a well written content is useless. Nobody will want to spend time on your website if nothing valuable keeps them there. In addition, keeping your content fresh will help you pull traffic to your website, whether through search engine or social media sites. As such keep updating your content to make it relevant to your customers, informative and optimized for search engines. Think about what your ideal customer will want to know about your products/services and create pages and blog posts around those topics.

Include Google analytics on your site as well. It gives you an amount of information about your website traffic users. From traffic source to the operating system most used by your visitors and so much more. It will help you know more about your users and better fit your marketing efforts to them. The good thing is that it is free and easy to set up.

How many features from what you read above does your business website have? If your website is missing one of the above or you don’t have a business website at all, we can help you. We create professional websites for small businesses and help you out with brand building. Guess what!!! That’s not all the services we offer. Click here to get all our products that can help you to promote your business online.

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