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Easy Ways To Evaluate Your Team Performance

Companies need to regularly evaluate and measure the work of their employees. Evaluating team performance benefits both the employers and the employees in that it helps improve teamwork in the company which translates to overall company improvement and success.

It's during team performance evaluation that the company measures the overall output of the team. Feedback on accomplished tasks is provided, quality work is recognized, the company's goals are assessed, weaknesses are identified, and expectations for future task performance are set. It's also an occasion for employers and employees to reorganize, identify where they are lacking and how they can improve team performance.

Managers should not just evaluate the performance of their employees in hard times but evaluate their team even when problems have not yet occured. How do managers evaluate the performance of their employees? Get the answer below !!

1. Evaluate the quality of work.

To begin with, you have to evaluate the quality of work of your employees. To ensure your team brings in results, you want to monitor the work of each employee to make results more effective.

Your employees should add value to your business. They should be able to work accurately and professionally. They should be consistent and accomplish tasks timelessly.

Review how your employees interact in the organization, what they deliver and bring to your business, and the quality of task completion.

2. Assess level of creativity.

Creativity is one of the most important points employers should be looking for when evaluating their employee performance. How often did the employee come up with unique solutions to solve a problem in the company? How often do your employees take initiatives to propose ideas and perform tasks more efficiently rather than just waiting to be told what to do?

Do your employees sometimes think outside of the box and constantly try to improve their creativity and try to increase what they bring to the company?

By keeping track of the level of creativity of your employees, you easily identify and reward high performers in a meaningful way and at the same time incite other workers to be more creative.

3. Level of Involvement.

Employers when evaluating their team performance should stress more on the degree of involvement of each employee in all levels of work in the company because it plays a great role in the final output of employees.

Employees should be able to participate in the achievement of the company’s set goals. They should be committed to the company and show a high level of involvement by applying their expertise and efforts towards problem solving and decision making.

4. Amount of consistent improvement.

When evaluating your team, consider assessing the amount of consistency of each worker. No employee is perfect, but they should be able to improve daily and excel in performing their tasks which have to be better than what they did in past days, months or years.

An employee’s desire to persistently improve shows his level of commitment to the company and proves he is ready to work harder to achieve company success.

5. Customer and peer feedback.

Employers should take customer and peer feedback into consideration when evaluating their team. More employers today have embraced peer reviews in their workplace. Team members give each in turn their own evaluation of a worker’s performance, competence, skills and attitude.

Taking customer and peer feedback into account when evaluating your employees will enable you as an employer to better assimilate each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the company can then develop training programs that can enable employers to develop their skills.

6. Tasks completed on time.

Assess how fast your employers are when it comes to task completion in the company. Do not just assess how fast they are but also evaluate the quality of the work done. It's important to complete work on time but it's more important when the work is well done and completed on time.

Managers should keep track of each team member’s task and ensure they’re working on things that are in line with the growth of the company. Team members must maintain an up-to-date task list that they can use to monitor their deliverables and measure their progress.

7. Responsiveness to feedback.

The way your employee responds to feedback says a lot about him. This is the major point you should try to adjust when assessing your employees. An employee who accepts criticisms without unnecessary justifications and excuses shows his willingness to grow and work for the company’s success.

You want to work with those who can take feedback and really think critically about it, understand what they are asked to improve and why they have to improve.

8. Contribution to revenue generated.

The overall performance of workers is judged on the deliveries of each worker in the workplace and the total revenue or number of clients that each employee brings to the company.

As a manager, you want to know how much money each employee generates for the company and keep track of the changes that occured in the company since their arrival. It enables you to know the level of efficiency of each worker and who brings more to your business.

9. Level of execution.

Execution here refers to how fast and efficient your employees accomplish their tasks. In each of your team evaluation sessions, you want to know who works faster and more efficiently to assign them to more important tasks.

Nothing is more important than an employee who has great execution skills. Such workers commit themselves to the company and they usually get any job done on time and with high level quality.

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