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When should you get a website? (5 examples)

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Starting in 2012 when I first used simple html and css to build my website, I have built so many websites. However, couple of days ago I was explaining to a client, why they don't need a website yet. Crazy right? I probably should have just taken the project and build the client system right.

The problem usually is building a website is expensive if you are an entrepreneur just getting started. More, as professional, I expect my team to clearly listen to the client and find out what they are trying to accomplish. Then design a cost effective system that helps them get set up and running in a timely fashion.

1-Get a website when you need to keep your customers informed.

A simple website is really useful as a centralized official place of communication. For example, if you are a small local business getting customers from google or any other search engine, your website is what search engines uses to show your informations online.

2-Get a website when you need to reenforce your existing brand and look professional.

A website is really useful when you already have an existing brand. This makes your work look professional and protect you from over spending during the typical initial fumble of entrepreneurship.

3-Get a website when you need to have an independent member area?

If you are training people, it's great and convenient to have your website where you can control membership, do some marketing and ensure everyone has access to their products. Similarly, if your website is more of an E-commerce, it's convenient to know which clients order what and how to send them their package.

4-Get a website when you need to automate or your primary client source is google

If you already have Social Media Marketing done and you are driving in sales, you can now go ahead and build a website for a more completed system.

5-Get a website when you are sure you don't need another E-commerce or a funnel

If all you want is sell a specific product, consider a funnel instead of a website. A funnel is just an online sales robot that Hooks, tell the Story of your product, and make Offers.

Brief, these are just some pointer as I'm considering to start adding value through blog posts. let me know if you like and please comment bellow if there's anything technical you would like me to cover.

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